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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Generaly Speaking ...

Generally I feel “bumper stickers” are no more effective than a tacky slogan’ed T-shirt. But for years, at least the last 6, I have proudly displayed a sticker with a statement no less true than we will all die. It is a simple white text on black background reading “Atheism Cures Religious Terrorism.” After being subjected to the cute little fishy emblems, the child praying in the shadow of the cross stickers, in the Phoenix Metro Area the big one is a “CCV” sticker Christ Church of the Valley.

A few months ago I had the brilliant idea to get a new vanity license plate. I chose 8THEIST on a patriotic license plate. I figured I would get lots of stern looks and ugly comments. However, it has been the opposite.

Last week I was in a parking lot selling my old hunting bow to someone, some young men walked past us and said “Hey I like your bumper sticker.” Today I was driving home and an older lady in her Honduh passed me slowly looking over to make sure she had my attention she gave me a thumbs-up. It feels good to know that Atheists must no longer hide in the closet like homosexuals in the 60’s. I get home, the doorbell rings … UPS delivering a package, the driver says “Where did you get your sticker on your truck, I love it!” I tell her the name of the website ( and I remember, I ordered 4 or 5 last time. I tell her to hang tight one second and quickly return with one for her. It felt good to share with this total stranger a belief or lack thereof. I suppose this feeling is why the sheep insist on knocking on my door time and time again even with the truck sitting in the driveway.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is Narcissism the next epidemic?

For sometime now I have noticed more and more people that are nothing short of narcissistic in their self-absorption. When I was in school we referred to people being stuck-up or conceded. But the past few years there is an ever increasing of trend of people with a sense of over inflated self-worth. These people have now resorted to putting "I (Heart) Me" bumper stickers on their soccer mom mobiles.

I see this as a dangerous trend. One of the key indicators of Antisocial Personality Disorder is a grandiose sense of self worth or entitlement. Anyone that has dealt with a sociopath knows it is not pleasant. Particularly if this person is a co-worker or a family member in which you have no choice but to interact with them.

I cannot help but think that the touchy feely, liberal parenting movement has produced these gems of society. For those of you that feel your special ... The Olympics are Special too, so I am not so sure I would want to be remembered as being "Special."