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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When did supporting the law turn one into a racists or bigot?

Living in Phoenix the topic of Illegal Immigration is constantly a hot topic. Jan 1 2008 the Arizona Workers Sanction law goes into effect. All I can say is, it is about time. I agree and know very well that this will not end illegal immigration nor will it curb all employers from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants.

I often hear others stating that I and people that share my opinion are bigots and racists. How does respecting the law make me a bigot? I would and do feel the same about the illegal immigrants from Mexico, Guatamala, Cuba, Canada, wherever they are from, illegal means just that, illegal. I think it makes me American to detest these criminals, the burden the place on the educational system, health care systems, correctional and judicial system as well as skewing the class system. Years ago Americans dug ditches, cleaned toilets, mowed lawns, swung hammers. Granted these were not the highest paying jobs, but they are an honest living for honest work. The people that used to work these jobs have now feel they have moved up a class and let the immigrants do that work.

I am all for immigration in a legal, controlled manner for those willing to invest in our country (not send money back via the enabling Western Union), willing to be respectable Americans supporting our country and economy.

Frankly it makes me mad as hell to push 1 to get English menus. That the gaggle of immigrants at the store do not speak English as they push past you while their kids behave like primates, touching everything in the store, pushing past you, all the while chattering away in their native language. Enough is enough. If you are not pissed, you are not American.

I think people are confusing the types of immigration here, illegal and legal. There was an article today in the local paper about a Landscape Company that only hires legal’s, pays them a decent wage. Fantastic article and I am sure his business will grow leaps and bounds based on this article. But good for him!