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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Charisma the dangerous trait …

So the sheeple where conned by charisma and charm by President Teleprompter. I was doing a little reading today on sociologists Max Webster. Wiki has a list of leaders that are classified as Charismatic. I would dare say President Teleprompter is not in the best of company.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heard the new one about the Department of Homeland Security?

That is the whole joke, DHS itself. Having lived in Arizona for several years now one thing I have come to know is that Janet Napolitano is a joke. She dismissed State Treasurer Martin’s concern over the budget nearly two years ago. She left the state budget in shambles. In this post I am not even going to broach her claiming “The System Worked,” as it relates to the 12/25 failed bombing.

Why my disdain for this joke of an agency? For the second time in 2 years I have had to submit a request to be removed from the DHS Watch List to ease frustration associated with travel. Being on the Watch List removes my ability to print boarding passes online, check-in online, use in-terminal kiosk or curb side check-in services. I often fly Southwest and those of you that use Southwest understand the importance of being able to check-in online.

In October of 2007 I was made aware of my name being on the DHS Watch List while boarding a flight with my wife and then 4 year old daughter from Phoenix to Orlando for a week long Disney Vacation. Following my trip, I filed a request for redress. Days before my December flight back to Orlando I received my letter stating my name was on the list in error and would be removed. I flew again April of 2008 event free.

Fast forward to August of 2009 and I find myself back on the list. I submitted a request for redress once again, however this time it took 4+ months to be removed again causing flight delays in October, again with Southwest. Here is the great part this is a verbatim paragraph from their letter;

Based on our analysis of those persons who have applied for redress through DHS TRIP, more than 99 percent are not on a Federal watch list. DHS and the airlines have developed solutions to reduce inconvenience and facilitate remote check-in. Before your next flight, contact the designated office of the airline in advance to inquire about its procedures for collecting your full name and date of birth. The airline will likely be able to store your information or enroll you in its frequent flyer program, which may enable you to printing your boarding pass at a kiosk or online.

Holy Shit! If this was a private company or even publically traded company the person in charge of the group that has a better than 99 percent false positive rates would certainly be fired! What a model of inefficiency!

The government has gotten too big for its britches as my dad would say. They have used scare tactics to shoehorn legislation into place that far oversteps Constitutional or Executive Powers. Enough is enough; support your local TEA Party, regardless of your political party.

I should add that I have a SECRET Clearance and have since May of 2002. Yet atrocities like this still exists.