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Monday, February 1, 2010

Rabbi Shmuley a wise fellow …

I have caught the show Shalom in the Home on TV and I have always been impressed with the wisdom Rabbi Shmuley shares with the couples. I am an atheist, I do not ever see anything changing that. But I have a great respect for the religious that are wise, loving and honest. It is a breath of fresh air to see a deeply religious person love all man and not belittle those that are not in alignment with his beliefs.

I had a friend at work today ask for some advice on marriage. A friend of hers had strayed from his marriage and asked how after 8 years my wife and I are still together. Obviously what has worked for us will not always work for others I told her. Then I remembered Rabbi Shmuley and pointed her to his website. Prior to this I had only seen the TV show and never listened to his podcasts, read his articles or books, this intrigued me and I decided to learn a little more, myself.

I am glad that I did. I have downloaded all the podcasts and read several of his articles and look forward to reading some of his published works. As admirer of Hitchens and Dawkins I am particularly interested in digging deeper into the debates between these men.

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