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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wait, What, Seriously?

So it appears President Teleprompter is out of touch with not only his constituents but his country’s safety as a whole. He wants to pass a budget that spends money we do not have to create jobs, but wants to cut jobs and put our borders at risk. This current government preaching fiscal responsibility is like a dealer running a Say No To Drugs campaign.

What is this halfwit and his crew of cronies thinking? He wants to beef up border security in … Honolulu, San Francisco and Massena? Seriously? How about Nogales, Yuma, Mexicali, TJ, San Diego, El Paso, Brownsville, Miami?

President Kennedy would of not been as successful or fondly remembered if he had served his full term. I am starting to think this is the only way President Teleprompter will go down as being a great president as well … if we base it on “what ifs.”

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