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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Backwards ...

With a multitude of Governments looking to increase their revenue stream I started thinking. Why are we rewarding people for the burden they place on society? Burden you say? Yes burden! Let’s start with children. You see these families with gaggles of children, the Duggar’s and Gosselin’s come to mind, but who pays to educate these children? Society that is who. Now before you go playing Jump To Conclusions, I am a parent. However I think instead of giving parents a tax deduction, I am thinking we should increase the tax burden for each child. I think the paradigm has shifted from people taking responsibility for themselves and their actions and this may be a great way to reintroduce it.

Open Letter To The Food Network ... Enough Fucking Cake!

OMFGWTF? Seriously Food TV, I know most of American is grossly overweight, however we do not all appreciate the shift to 24hrs of Cake! The occasional “Cake Challenge” mixed in with the staples, Emeril, Tyler Florence, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, etc was a nice break. However the dynamic has shifted where occasionally something worthwhile is sprinkled in amongst the multitude of Cake Shows.

Enough! Bring back decent, helpful, informative cooking shows or dissolve the network entirely and become a production company and peddle your Cake Shows to networks that need to fill dead air.