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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Music As A Time Machine ...

While not possessing a single drop of musical talent, music has played an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I can hear a song and it instantly transports me to a place in time, in my life that can be bursting of emotion. I can hear "Panama" and be transported to Cocoa Beach in the summer of 1985 with my distant cousin taking me to Ron Jon Surf Shop. I hear "Force Ten" by RUSH and I am remembering a road trip with my buddy Jeremy and Ken. I was living in the Florida Panhandle at the time, Destin area, when memorial day weekend a hurricane was bearing down on us. With us being the intelligent youth that we were, we were determined to not that storm ruin our holiday weekend. We piled in my VW GTI and were New Orleans bound! Blasting "Force Ten," all along the way.

These short, often vivid transports are induced by the time and place where music made a memorable mark in my life. I am not per say transported by lyrics by the memories associated with hearing the song for the first time or at a impressionable time.

These temporary lapses in reality can induce, elation, fear, sadness. I remember some very dark Metallica songs getting me through those rough high school years. When I hear "Welcome Home, 'Sanitarium'" now, I am instantly back in the 10th grade. I now fully grasp that those days were not the worst days of my life, and while there would be good and bad to come, relatively speaking to a 16 year-old, things were terrible.

I know that my love affair with music is not unusual by any means, but I am amazed at how vain some people are when it comes to music. You ask them what the lyrics mean to them, and their response is, I just like the beat. Music is an emotional experience something that touches the very core of what we are. There are songs, or certain performances that will give me goose bumps from head to toe.

I challenge you to create your time machine memories.